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YUA EMPACT RADIO – Special Guest DJ Smoke, LAUNCH Recap and TV Talk!

This week we were joined by our Coalition DJs Philly family, DJ Smoke!  “Where there’s Smoke… there’s always FIRE!!!

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Listen as we talk about all the TV Shows from present day to back in the day! What do you watch and what did you grow up on? Let us know!

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Graphics by: Phreeway

Coming off of the LAUNCH Music Conference and Festival, we wanted to send a special thanks to Jeremy Weiss, Conference Creator/Director, 808 the Plug, Catalina’s Sports Bar and Grill, all of the DJs and artists who participated to make it a successful event!

Lancaster, PA showed YUA International, (“YUAINTL”) Young Urban America Music Group (“YUAMG”) and Coalition DJs Philadelphia a tremendous amount of love!

The first artist to kick off the stage was PMG from the 717 and he came with 40 people!  The support from his family and friends was unmatched!  Next we had Nesha Nycee who came all the way from Atlanta and her energy was super crazy!!  This young Queen is one to be on the lookout for as she is a young Queen on the rise! Hailing from New York, we had Commander Flame who dropped a bomb full of barz!  Her stage presence was commanding and her lyrics were intense.

Dish Nation’s own Headkrack also graced our stage and came with a truly entertaining and crowd engaging performance! Be on the lookout for more to come on the other performers that came out and represented ripping the stage including Battle Rap Royalty, Cortez!  Everyone did a phenomenal job!

Coalition DJs Philly was in the building strong throughout the 3-day conference.  Philly’s own, DJ No Phrillz opened up the stage with a ton of fire and energy!!  Philly Supported Philly in Lancaster for real!  Also, I Am Young Hitta came all the way from Atlantic City to show support and did his thing on the boards!  DJ Stitch rocked out on Friday night and you know it’s always a dance party when Stitch is involved.  Also, head of Coalition DJs Philly, DJ Alamo blessed us and got the party jumping as always and did his thing on the mic!  Saturday DJ Focus215 was focused man and got the job done!

In addition,  in the mix we had Catalina’s resident DJs, DJ Matt, DJ Maineline and DJ Flaco!  They did their thing and made sure we felt welcomed in their home.

To top it all off, we had DJ Caesar from Boom Philly 103.9 and Sirius XM come turn it up on Saturday with a mix of hip-hop, reggaetón and Spanish music!  I haven’t seen people dance like that in a long time!  Stay tuned for more collaborations!

CEO of YUAINTL and YUAMG, Dre Powe is preparing to drop a new single and head on the road to promote!  Be sure to follow @dre_powe on Instagram for updates!

Dre Powe Pic

Dre Powe Image by: Smoove Visuals


Special Happy Birthday to DJ Alamo!

DJ Alamo Pic


YUAEmpact DJ Smoke flyer

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